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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I wear my hair to my appointment?

I ask that everyone wears their hair to their appointment how they normally wear it!  It gives me the best idea of styling and what we may be trying to achieve. 

For curl specific cuts, I ask that hair is dry, down and not styled with any heavy stylers.  I.E. No heavy or hard hairsprays or crunchy gels.  This enables me to successfully dry cut before washing.

How do you enhance natural wave?

Most of my clients that are requesting to enhance their natural hair end up with a straight razor haircut.  With a straight razor, I am able to cut 'petals' into the hair and carve out shapes, while also helping direct the direction the hair lays.  Removing weight also assists some hair to go from waves to curl.  Several of my clients are able to transition to curly hair after their initial transformation cut with me. 

Im not sure what service I should book?

That's okay!  Please reach out to me via Email or Social media, which can be found at the bottom of the page.  You can also book a Consultation service so we can thoroughly ensure we have you in for the right service and have your hair goals discussed before hand.

Where did you learn to cut curly hair?

I've always had the interest in curly hair- So much so that I used to get perms!  When I returned to the industry after a few years off, I had already decided texture would be my goal.  I was fortunate enough to learn curly hair techniques from Kristy Ramos of Sunflowers and Scissors and Third Eye Curl Education and I've never looked back.  Some of my education has also just been learnt through trial and error and generally learning as I go. 

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