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I offer 30 minute free consultations to all clients.  It is available through my online booking.


Razor and Scissor Cuts

Haircut- $90

Transformation/Shag - $120

Add on to Color Service- $45

All haircuts in this category are perfect for precision haircuts or wavy haired people looking to enhance and embrace their natural texture.  All haircuts are completed using scissor and straight razor techniques, washed and conditioned and styled to your preferences.  The transformation or shag is for when removing large amounts of length, weight and a shape change. 

Curl Specific Cuts

First Time Curly Haircut- $120

Return Curly Cut - $100

Add on to Color Service- $60

Curly Haircuts for those with defined curl patterns.  Curly haircuts are done dry to enhance the shape of the haircut and curl health.  Please wear your hair down, dry and with no heavy or hard stylers.  Hair will be first cut to the curl patterning, then washed, detangled, and conditoned before applying styling products and diffusing.  Once hair is dry, a curl by curl cut is done to ensure the overall shape of the haircut and ensure everything lays properly.  First time curly cuts include product knowledge and styling assistance.  Return curly cut are for clients ive seen within the last year.  If looking to remove major length or have a major shape change, please book the first time curly cut.

Chemical Services

All Color services are done using an organic, PPD and Ammonia free line that is gentle on the hair, resulting in the natural curl or wave pattern being left in tact and healthy.

Customized Dimensional Blonding - Starts at $150

Customized color placement using balayage or foil work to help enhance and display your curls.  Please Select Toner Add on.

Grey Blending/All over Color/Color Retouch- Starts at $60

One color all over, traditionally used to cover grey or go darker. Grey coverage is slightly translucent, resulting in a beautiful dimensional color that assists in camouflaging the gray rather than covering it.  

Toner- $25

Refreshes hair color between appointments or neutralizes unwanted tones.

Toner Melt- $45

Blend of two to three colors in the hair- extending the time between need for lightener retouches.  Leaves a darker or more natural root, blending into brighter ends.  

Additional Services, Treatments & Add-ons

Curl Exploration- $75

Unsure of what your curls can do?  This is the service for you.  We will discuss your hairs natural curl pattern and what you are hoping for.  We will follow up with a educational wash, Style and Diffusing lesson to help you start to enbrace your natural curl pattern!

Wash and Style- $60

Wash and Style with diffusing or round brush

Scalp and Hair Treatment - $25

Olaplex Treatment - $35

Additional Length (Past the bottom of the shoulder blades) - $15

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